Running on Waves - Segel Masten Yachten 210

Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide by Fyly Exclusive Yachts. Luxury sailing for 42 guests in Greece, Croatia, Italy and France. Comfort and style in 18 cabins.
Running on Waves - Segel Masten Yachten 210
from €105,000
64.00 (M)

    "Running on Waves" is a super-modern sail ship of the high ocean class of the 21st century with unique technical features. She possesses impetuous contour, full sailing equipment and a high-performance engine. It is a real cruise sailing ship of high ocean-going class +100 A5, modern and environmentally compatible. She combines forms of a classic clipper with modern design and state of the art engineering.

    She offers accommodation for up to 42 passengers in 18 cabins. Perfect for a large family gathering, a celebration or business events. There are three categories of cabins: Mini-suites and Premium Class Cabins; Standard Cabins; Economy Class Cabins, all with ensuite facilities. They are designed in warm tones and timeless style, all fully air-conditioned. 

    The ship has vast deck spaces with a fresh water jacuzzi for 6 people and sun chairs on the upper deck and many sitting areas on the main deck including an ample dining table, spacious shade zones and lounge areas on the front and your own private little balcony at the back. An observation deck in the fore of the ship is above the bowsprit, creating a feeling of flying over the water!

    In the aft of the ship, navigation equipment is behind the command bridge, followed by the massage center and the lounge zone. The restaurant located on the Main deck is ready to please the ship’s guests with delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine. A Fantastic Ocean Bar, located in front of the restaurant in the central part of the deck, offers refreshing drinks and stunning cocktails.

    Her dedicated crew of 21 people will be at your disposal throughout the entire trip making it the trip of a lifetime! They will craft your itinerary in perfect harmony of your preferences, your need to relax and unwind and combine sailing, events onboard and excursions on land at your wish!

    Built: 2011 / Refit: 2020

    Guests: 42 / Cabins: 18

    Crew: 21


    Tender Arimar 6.7m, 16 pax capacity with Suzuki 115 HP

    Viking 4.75m, 6 pax capacity with Yamaha 40 HP

    Water ski

    wind surfs

    water slide





    Conference multimedia room

    Pricing details


    Winter 2020/2021 High Rate: 140,000 EUR per week (Terms: + VAT + APA

    Winter 2020/2021 Low Rate: 105,000 EUR per week (Terms: + VAT + APA)

    Summer 2021 High Rate: 140,000 EUR per week (Terms: + VAT + APA)

    Summer 2021 Low Rate: 105,000 EUR per week (Terms: + VAT + APA)

    Winter 2021/2022 High Rate: 140,000 EUR per week (Terms: + VAT + APA)

    Winter 2021/2022 Low Rate: 105,000 EUR per week (Terms: + VAT + APA)

    Tax Status: 

    Is registered for VAT in France, VAT in Italy 

    Is licensed for Croatia and Greece

    The APA fee (25-30%, depending on Number of guests) is to cover expenses such as food, beverages, fuel, transfers, marinas (if any). The captain keeps detailed accounts and receipts which are available to see online during your cruise - at the end of the trip the accounts are settled and any amount left is refunded back to you or if you have exceeded your APA accounts are settled at the end of your charter.

    Special Conditions: 
    Delivery fees within 500 miles is paid at the rate of fuel cost.
    Delivery fees for more than 500 miles is paid at the rate 50% (Euro 7500=) per day.

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Draft (M)
    Number of guest cabins
    Beam (M)
    Length (M)
    Maximum speed
    10 knots
    Cruising speed
    9 knots
    Cabin types

    1 Mini suite (double+1)
    4 Double premium
    4 Double standard
    4 Twin
    5 Triple (twin + 1 pullman) economy class
    Fuel consumption at cruising speed
    90 l/hr
    Volvo Penta D16 MH 1x650 HP
    Crew on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Crew on Board Running on Waves
    Captain Dmitry Teslenko on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Dmitry Teslenko

    Nationality: Russian

    Dmitry started his career on board Fregate PALLADA / Vladivostok (three-mast training sailing vessel), where he had worked for over a decade and grew over time to the position of Chief Officer. He has been with RUNNING ON WAVES since the first navigation season 2011, holding positions of Captain and Chief Officer. He is a dedicated and experienced mariner, patient, responsible and a great team worker. Sailing ships and yachting sport - these are the passions of his heart. “It is not so usual in this world that a man’s job and his passion are the same thing. I am one of those truly blessed”. He is 43 years old and married with two children. He speaks Russian and English.


    Captain Instructor Yury Kuschenko on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Yury Kuschenko
    Captain / Instructor

    Nationality: Ukraine

    Yuri has a long and impressive maritime experience lasting over 40 years. He has worked as a captain on oil tankers, cargo ships, sailing training vessels such as bark Tovarisch (Comarde), and luxury sailing cruise ships, such as Star Clippers. He is the formal head of department at a marine academy. He is actively involved in all the tasks on the ship, with the crew and the guests. He is communicative and a great team player. He speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.

    Hotel manager Robert Stoeger on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Robert Stoeger
    Hotel Manager

    Nationality: Austrian

    Robert has over 27 years of experience in hospitality. In the course of his career he tried himself almost in every specialization of this industry with always the main idea in mind to make people happy. Having started as sommelier in a restaurant in Vienna, he then worked as a croupier, chief bartender, chef de service, maître d’hotel, manager, hotel director in Austria, Germany, Switzerland. And not only on land he is successful with his clients and in fulfilling his tasks. His has worked many years in various leading positions aboard vessels such as MS Deutschland 5*, MS Delphin Voyager 4*, MS Delphin 3* where he could gain tremendous maritime experience.

    Cruising director Claudia Halladin on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Claudia Halladin
    Cruising director

    Nationality: German

    Claudia has nearly 20 years of experience as Cruising Director, Chief Purser or similar positions aboard cruise vessels like MS Delphin, Voyager 4*, MS Delphin 3* and others. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Cruise Industry Management. She is meticulous and a perfectionist in her job, fulfilling all her tasks with responsibility and efficiency. Her words: "On a cruise everything must operate to unconditional perfection; no detail missed and every guest's wish anticipated, but no effort seen."

    Steward Barry Floria Largadas on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Barry Floria Largadas
    Cabin steward 

    Nationality: Philippine

    This year will be his 3rd season onboard Running On Waves. "Here I was given an opportunity to pursue my dream and see the positive prospect of personal and professional growth. I feel the spirit of comradeship as we work together for the same goal, though all the guys come from different countries and each one is a personality, and it is such a fun to be all as one despite we are so unlike each other. I love dealing with international passengers taking care of their perfect comfort and this motivates me like nothing else. Working with my Hotel Manager Robert and Cruise Director Claudia is an amazing experience, as they are top professional and do treat our esteemed Guests with true passion and dedication."

    Chef Oleksii Orlov on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Oleksii Orlov

    Nationality: Ukrainian 

    Orlov is a passionate chef who simply loves to cook. He has developed his passion for food from a young age taking after his Grandfather. After working in different restaurants ashore, he started to work on luxury cruise ships and since 2018 he joined the “Running on Waves” team as a chef. Working on a smaller ship allows him to prepare all menus very individually. It is a perfect platform to show his creativity and excellent tastes. The routing of the ship permits him to use local and fresh products. His versatility to combine different local styles of cooking makes him a perfect chef to satisfy different clients of all nationalities. His way of preparing meat guaranties an outstanding experience; with vegetarian dishes he shows his originality and exceptional sense of flavours and his desserts frequently lead guests to a maximum enchantment.

    Chief Mate Gregory Romanov on board Running on Waves - Motor Sailer 210 Worldwide Greece, Italy, Croatia by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.
    Gregory Romanov
    Chief Mate

    Nationality: Russian

    Gregory graduated from the Saint Petersburg Maritime College and after that continued his education at the Saint Petersburg State University of Maritime and Inland River Transport named after Admiral Makarov. He is the holder of a Deep Sea Captain Certificate and has as well Certificates of General Operator, ARPA Radar, Basic Safety Training, Survival Craft, Advanced Fire Fighting, Medical first aid, Medical first aid and Care, Advanced Oil, Advanced Chemical, Advanced Gas, Inert Gas System Operations, RO-RO Passenger Ship, Bridge Team Management, Ship security officer (SSO), Designated security duties, Operation of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment, ECDIS. During 5 years, Gregory was working on board the world-famous "Sedov", the four-mast windjammer (one of the biggest sailing ships in the world, built in 1921) as a chief navigator, 2nd officer and chief mate, and joined the Crew of RUNNING ON WAVES thereafter (in 2016). He speaks fluent English. In his spare time he plays electric guitar and likes body-building. He is an absolute connoisseur of star navigation and has a rare talent to share his fascinating knowledge with guests in the most exciting manner.