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Comprehensive guide for yachting vacations in St Martin - Find out when to go, what to see, photos, itineraries, climate & events.

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Why chartering a yacht in St Martin offers a unique experience?

Charter a luxury crewed yacht in St Martin or Sint Maarten, a beautiful green gem in the Leeward islands of the Caribbean Sea. St Martin offers an incredible natural experience with pristine beaches combined with a bit of European flare. Split between the Republic of France and the Netherlands, this unique island cultural experience will draw you in and win over your heart- it’s perfect for a charter vacation!

For those of you who have spent years taking cruise ship holidays, this may be the perfect time to experience a private yacht charter vacation. Power catamarans are all the rage and they deliver you in style! Arriving in Saint Martin is easy- and once on island, you can head to the marina to meet your experienced captain and professional crew. After a yacht charter sailing from St Martin to St Barths- St Barths to Anguilla- and St Martin to Anguilla- you may never go back to cruise ship holidays again!

For those seeking cabin charters, why not grab a group of friends and sail off on your own adventure? With cabin charters, you are on a set itinerary and pace of travel. On a private luxury yacht your preferences and interests guide the way! Cruise from St Martin to Anguilla or from St Barths to Anguilla… it is all for you. The captain will talk to you and take your interests along with their knowledge of the area and weather to plan an incredible holiday for you and your friends. Sailing and traveling is the perfect way to get together!

FYLY Exclusive Yachts knows this area and we are able to help our clients find the ideal private luxury yacht to suit your group at the price within your budget. We know the beauty of sailing the stunning waters from St Martin to Anguilla or from St Martin to St Barths… relax onboard and breath in the fresh air surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Experienced captains know to head to the French side of St Martin for a food lover's paradise. From the capital of Marigot to the town of Grand Case, the cuisine is exceptional. With beautiful restaurants and small cafes along the pristine beach, you’ll find the finest French culinary experience blended with Caribbean hospitality.

While away your day out in Orient Bay and wander along the gorgeous beach soaking in the sunshine. Whether you are on a power catamaran or a sailing yacht charter, cruise to the beautiful surrounding areas such as Caye Verte, Pinel Island, Petite Clef, and the Grandes Cayes.

Stroll through Grand Case and take a swim in Grand Case Bay- then enjoy a visit out to Rocher Creole… or Creole Rock. Lovely shops and fun restaurants dot this tiny town.

The Dutch side of Sint Maarten is more condensed and is the center of the party. Phillipsburg is the capital of this tiny region- but despite being small, it’s a lively place! Well-known for its bars and parties, you’re never far from a good time!

There are many beach escapes on the Dutch side- head to Pelican Key, Lay Bay, Cole Bay, or Indigo Beach at Cay Bay. Born from DaLeo’s in Mullet Bay, Da Waterhole is new and a perfect way to chill out with friends in the sun. And let’s not forget these other favourite bars including Ocean Lounge Beach, Sandbar, and The Boon Beach.

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Tips & FAQs

The price of flights to the famous Princess Juliana International Airport will make Saint Martin an easy choice for a charter. Peer out the window as you fly in over Maho Beach which is just at the edge of the runway. With the ease of arrivals, you will be able to get to the marina quickly and board your yacht to head off on a fabulous holiday. Soak up the sun and set sail out of beautiful St Martin/Sint Maarten to explore the gorgeous Leeward Islands. Sail off in the Caribbean for some fun!

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See & Do

What can you see & do on your summer vacations in St Martin?


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Eat & Drink

What can you eat & drink on your summer vacations in St Martin?


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See our recommended itineraries for St Martin or let us plan one for you


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What are the best times to travel to St Martin?

The best time to visit the island where Sint Maarten is located goes from December to April, since it is the least hot period of the year and outside the hurricane season; in particular, the period from February to March is usually the least rainy. In May, both temperature and moisture increase, but the rains are not yet too abundant, and the hurricane season has not yet begun. In summer, June and July are not as rainy as August and September, in addition, tropical storms and hurricanes are less likely to occur than in the following months.

What to pack on your Yachting Vacations in St Martin?

All year round bring light clothes of natural fabric, and possibly a light sweatshirt and a light raincoat for thunderstorms, especially from August to November. From December to March, you can add a light sweatshirt for the evening.
When going to the reef, you can bring snorkeling equipment, including water shoes or rubber-soled shoes.

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Above | Sunreef 80
from €63,000
23.87 (M)
Adea - Sunreef 62
from €19,700
18.30 (M)
Allure - Privilege 64
from $29,500
19.50 (M)
Bagheera - Lagoon 620
from $30,500
18.89 (M)
Calma - Sunreef 60
from $36,000
18.40 (M)
Cartouche - Blue Coast 95
from $65,000
28.95 (M)
Crocodile Daddy - Lagoon 620
from $23,000
18.90 (M)
DolceVitaCat - Sunreef 620
from $28,500
18.90 (M)
Endless Horizon - Sunreef 80
from $80,000
24.40 (M)
Jan's Felion - Lagoon 630
from $27,000
19.05 (M)
Lady 8 - CNB 95
from €39,000
29.00 (M)
Lady Fiona - Lagoon 620
from $25,725
18.89 (M)
Lady Sharon Gale - Broward 112
from $45,000
34.13 (M)
Laysan - Serenity 72
from $30,000
21.94 (M)
Mare Blu - Lagoon 630
from $33,000
19.50 (M)
Maverick - Sunreef 70
from $41,000
21.34 (M)
Ocean Vibes - Sunreef 70
from $58,000
21.64 (M)
Sur L'Eau - Privilege 75
from $44,000
22.86 (M)
Tellstar - Lagoon 77
from $61,000
23.46 (M)
Triumph | Benetti Motor Yacht
65.40 (M)
YOLO II - Lagoon 52F
from $14,000
15.84 (M)