Everyone loves the sea! FYLY Exclusive Yachts now offers daily cruise adventures from our base in Lavrion. Experience one of our exciting adventures and cruise the Greek waters. Relax, swim and enjoy ...we have something for everyone.





We cruise along the mesmerising Saronic Gulf to the Islands of Agistri, Moni and Aegina.

Agistri is an idyllic island with turquoise waters and  refuge  of nature. We will visit the beaches of Dragonera or Halkiad and the rocky secluded coves with their clear blue waters.

Moni Island lies just off the coast of Aegina, a little island rich in vegetation and kri-kri (wild goats), shetland ponies and peacocks. Here we visit see the  stunning little cove beaches  with crystal azure waters a perfect stop for swimming and sunbathing.

Aegina is known as the island of Pistachio, where one will find an overflow of Pistachio Tree Groves, and the Temple of Aphaia in the medieval town of Paleochora (old town) in the center of the island. Aegina itself reveals its mountanious beauty, the whitewashed houses and neoclassical mansions giving a charming aura to everyone who visits her.


•Agistri : Beaches of Dragonera Halkiada

•Moni Island 

•Snorkeling the crystal clear waters

•Perdika (ideal for seafood lunch)

•Aegina : Island of Pistachio and Temple of Aphaia

Kythnos - Kea (Tzia)

We cruise to the Islands of Kythnos and Kea (Tzia), two beautiful islands set like jewels in the Aegean Sea. 

Kythnos is an island of simplicity with barren landscapes, wild beauty, and close to the mainland, ideal for a quick escape, rejuevanate your body and soul in the natural thermal springs of Loutra frequented by royalty. Here our first stop will be at the famous ”Kolones” beach, where you will swim in crystal blue waters and walk on the sandy beach that connects a small church to the mailand. Thereafter visit the small harbour of Kythnos for a leisurely and delightfull stroll. 

We then continue to Kea or Tzia, the island of the water ‘nymphs’ who kept the island fertile with an abundance of greenery; the island has many myths and history known as Hydroussa. We will have a lunch at one of the local sea fish taverns (a la carte | payable directly).

Our magical cruise comes to a captivating sunset under the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

HighlightsCape Sounion

•Kythnos : Kolones Beach

•Kea : Harbour with Local Taverns

•Hike to the smiling lion of Kea

•Sounio : Temple of Poseidon





Hydra daily cruise

Hydra, is a unique and captivating island from the first glance of its enclosed port with its distinctive architectural character and embelished with colourful fishing boats and many yachts. Hydra is famous throughout the world for her elitement atmosphere, renowned for the neoclassical architecture, its protected traditional settlement where sole means of transport are Donkeys, since car are prohibited.  So if you are adventurous, hop on a donkey and explore the little alleyways around the harbour.  

Upon arrival, one can explore the many exclusive shops and galleries; or enjoy lunch at one of the local taverns or cocktails at Hydronetta.

Hydra donkey rides



•Hydra: Harbour 


•Shopping  - Galleries 

•Donkey  Rides

•Snorkeling and water sports at Bisti beach





Petaloi Islands

We cruise to the scattered pieces of land in the sea, a miniature archipelagos of deserted islands and rocky reeks hidden off the coast of Evia (Eubeoa) that form the utopia of the Petalioi Islands.  These small cluster of mysterious islands offer the untouched nature and wild beauty that leaves one in amazement, with its beautiful landscapes, blue sea, rocky shores and golden beaches.


Petalioi : Bays of Baniera, Mandria, Panagia, Pefkari, Skala, Vasiliko and Platy

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