Matau - Privilege 75

Matau - Privilege 75
Matau - Privilege 75
from $39,000
22.86 (M)

    The Privilege 75 is the definition of luxury and quality on water. MATAU's supreme comfort and open plan layout allows her to accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins. Three queen-sized cabins are all equipped with an en-suite bath, walk in shower, AC, stereo system and a flat screen TV. While the master cabin with built-in king-size bed is upgraded to a superyacht-level experience, including a bath the size of a stateroom and a full-size Jacuzzi tub.

    Her smart and spacious layout design allows guests to experience the freedom of sailing or relaxing in numerous intimate spots, while also enjoying those late night family dinners and sight seeing from the first-class view.

    With an international crew of 4, You can except a full time service and every need taken care of, just so You can fully relax and unwind, and explore the worlds most exotic locations aboard one of the most luxurious catamarans on the market.

    Matau's supreme comfort is the perfect platform to have an epic adventure or to unwind and relax surrounded by the most beautiful places on Earth.

    Matau has accommodation for eight in one king and three queen en suite cabins. Exceptional is the word for the king-bedded master stateroom with an en suite bath as large as the guest cabins and the luxury of a full-size Jacuzzi tub.

    There are so many choices on deck – the trampolines, aft deck, bridge deck, the “teak beach”, and broad steps aft (very easy water access) – that everyone will find their own favorite spot.

    Built: 2006 / Refit: 2019

    Guests: 8 / Cabins: 4

    Crew: 4


    Jacuzzi in master cabin

    CD library

    Cell phone


    DVD library

    DVD player saloon

    Games console

    Indoor audio system / iPod dock

    Satellite phone


    Deck shower

    Fishing gear - light


    Paddleboards multiple

    Tube - towable


    Water skis - adult

    Water skis - child

    Diving by arrangement

    Diving lights

    Snorkelling gear

    Pricing details


    Seasonal/Individual Rates
      Currency Terms 2 Pax 4 Pax 6 Pax 8 Pax
    Winter 2020/2021 US Dollars (Caribbean Terms) Inclusive $39,000 $42,000 $45,000 $48,000

    Additional Rate Details:
    Winter 2020/21:

    2 guests- $39,000 under Caribbean terms
    4 guests- $42,000 under Caribbean terms
    6 guests- $45,000 under Caribbean terms
    8 guests- $48,000 under Caribbean terms

    Caribbean terms - inclusive of standard bar and food. Exclusive of: Premium Alcohol, Dockage, Fuel, Cruising taxes.

    Christmas/New Years Holiday Rate:
    $56,350 + ALL EXPENSES

    Summer Base Port: TBC
    Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards
    Winter Base Port: BVI
    Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards
    Location Details:
    Available in Caribbean


    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Draft (M)
    Number of guest cabins
    Beam (M)
    Length (M)
    Maximum speed
    13 knots
    Cruising speed
    9 knots
    Cabin types

    MATAU accommodates 8 guests in 1 king master and 3 queen en suite cabins.
    The master cabin features a king size bed with a large en suite head w/ jacuzzi tub & separate shower.
    Three guest cabins each have one queen bed and en suite head w/separate stall showers. MATAU is fully air conditioned through out.
    Fuel consumption at cruising speed
    9 US Gall/Hr
    Turbo diesels 315 horsepower each Generator Type: 2 Onan 22 KW each
    Crew Matau
    Crew - Matau
    Captain/Engineer Matau: Howard Langton
    Howard Langton

    A highly skilled and competent yacht captain and engineer with an extensive maritime career sailing throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian ocean, Tasman and the Great Southern Ocean. Very versatile and good humoured, Howard is adept at handling a variety of situations, from the simple to the most challenging ones. He is also very eager and committed to a high standard of excellence, putting in every effort to ensure that each moment spent on board is flawless and meets his guests’ greatest expectations. Passionate about the history of sailing, Howard has sailed on Square Rig Tall Ships, as well as racing modern sloops, cats and ketches. He has a Law degree, climbed Kota Kinabalu and won a Mia Tai boxing match. Proud to be at the helm, Captain Howard is a jack of all trades and the Master of Matau.

    Stewardess: Sasha Kadun
    Sasha Kadun

    Sasha grew up in Canada on the West Coast and discovered from an early age that exploring and being near the water is what makes her happy. She finds the ocean to be a place where calm and chaos work so perfectly in unison. Having always traveled with her family - whether camping local or visiting Mexico, she realized she wanted to explore the world. Therefore, the decision to move abroad 8 years ago wasn’t a hard one. With a solid background in high end hospitality and working as an executive assistant, she moved to Belgium with her best friend and managed a cafe that allowed her to explore other parts of Europe in her time off. She then moved on to live in the Cayman Islands, as well as spending a year backpacking in South America. She has a passion for health and fitness and is a certified Yoga Instructor. She began her yachting career on large Luxury motor yachts before she joined the life of the sailing boats and has not looked back. Always radiant and cheerful, she will delight you with her laughter and her incredible service. Sasha looks forward to welcoming guests with a tasty cocktail on arrival and an unforgettable sailing experience.

    Chef Matau Mark

    Bio to follow soon

    Matau Gorgeous Boat - Crew Extraordinary!

    I'd like to say that not only is Matau a gorgeous boat, but the crew was truly extraordinary. I honestly cannot imagine a better crew...

    My additional feedback would be: Debbie was an exceptional cook - the food was fantastic, and quite original, and even pretty healthy! Marques was an excellent captain - a great guy who clearly knows what he's doing and takes the responsibilities of being captain seriously... Ben was a great first mate, and a good guy...and Teal was, how can I say this, beyond exceptional. She made every aspect of the trip better, from her "cocktail of the day" to her amazing way of setting the table to her genuine friendliness - she's better at her job than anyone could be expected to be! And such a lovely young woman....

    We didn't think last year's crew could be topped, but I have to say this crew was amazing...

    It was beyond my wildest expectation!

    I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, on this past charter we just finished on Matau! It was beyond my wildest expectation! As you know, we are not always the easiest clients to make happy because we have sailed so much in our lives! With this said, this crew surpassed my expectations and has raised the bar very high for any future crews we may encounter.

    The only way for me to describe this past crew/trip is to really go down the line of crew members and tell you what impressed me the most!

    1. Captain Marques,
    The only place I know where to begin listing all of his attributes is to start with his very easy going and genuine personality. He loves people, sailing & the job of playing host to all aboard. I can't even begin to tell you what a natural fit he is for this job of captain on Matau! We all felt comfortable asking for anything or just questions we had every day as they came up. He has a charm about him that makes you want to hear his stories and adventures in sailing. We all loved that he would sit and be one of the group during coffee hour and cocktail hour! During the week we had some strange stuff arise and he handled it like a perfect gentleman and did exactly what I hoped he would do with everything that was thrown at him! He handled it all with grace and style, along with some laughs which I appreciated greatly!
    We also loved that he took pictures of our group throughout the week and gave us a slide show of some of the super funny ones at the end. It was a great way to end our vacation.

    2. Brian Manning, 1st Mate
    Brian is amazing. He is everything you see or have heard of in regards to personal service on giant motor yachts. He pays so much attention to everyone and literally he is always looking or thinking what you're going to do or need next!! Where ever he is on the boat, he is always watching anyone that is close proximity to him and looking for ways to make them more comfortable. If you dive into the water he is always keeping an eye on your safety and setting your towel out for when you get out. If it is cocktail hour he is helping Teal pour drinks and move chairs to sit on the back watching the sun set. He swims right beside the weaker swimmers and just makes everyone feel pampered, safe and comfortable. He even had to get up in the middle of the night for something and he did it with a smile. He is such an asset to this crew and to guests. I am praying he never leaves Matau ever!!!!

    3. Teal, Stewardess
    Many days I often thought that Teal has the hardest job on Matau. She gets up the earliest and is the last to bed! She takes so much pride in her job. She wants everything to be perfect. From table settings to your cabin and its cleanliness. Her job is physically endless and on many days thankless, I made sure she knew how much we appreciated everything she did because she works so unbelievably hard! She is your server, table decorator, cabin steward, butler, and basically Mom to everyone. She and Marques make an incredible team together!!! I admire her stamina, hard work and attention to every detail and guest on board!

    4. Ashley, Chef
    Ashley is not a permanent crew member on Matau but she worked very hard on each and every single meal during our trip. She made everything healthy, unique and aesthetically appetizing! Nothing was ever boring or routine. She could make eggs in a way that you had never seen them or thought you would ever like them. She could make boring oatmeal creative and fun!!! She is a great chef and I hope more Matau guests get to enjoy her cooking style. The type of meals was just as I asked, "healthy," and even our friends who aren't the healthiest eaters loved her food! That is a hard challenge to accomplish!

    Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

    We returned from our trip aboard the Matua Saturday evening. I cannot express the experience our group of eight had on this yacht. From the catamara to the crew.....we were met with the utmost in hospitality, quality of service, beauty of the ship, etc . Our expectations were far exceeded in every aspect. The grace in which the Matua sailed the Caribbean waters, the professionalism and courteous nature of the crew I do not believe could be matched anywhere. The pride the crew showed for the Matau, the pride in which executed their jobs each and every day was evident throughout our trip. The food and the presentation of the meals three times a day far surpassed any five star restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of dining in. Each meal was carefully planned with all of us in mind and the tables were decorated differently each meal with elegance. Again, words cannot describe adequately the experience we had. Attention was paid to every detail and many details were added that we would have never thought of that only added to our experience.

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines is now my favorite place in the Caribbean. I have travelled the Caribbean extensively and have seen almost every island and group of islands. I cannot wait to return and have more time to explore this beautiful and untouched part of the world. The of this area are rich and vivid. The people of St. Vincent are gracious, accommodating, and very kind.

    Captain Virginia asked me how I found you. I told her that I had searched the internet extensively and was working with three different charter companies looking for the perfect boat. I also told her that you were the only person who took a special and personal interest in trying to help me secure the Matua for this charter as she was scheduled to be a part of the Tortola Yacht Charter Boat Show. It was with your determination and persistence that the owner of the Matua agreed to pull out of the show and accommodate us. I know it was meant to be for us to experience the trip of a lifetime aboard this beautiful boat. Any other boat would have left us with a lesser than feeling. We are already looking at when we can charter this beauty again. Captain Virginia also passed along to me how impressed she was with you, constant communication and it was a joy working with you from her end as she had never worked with you before. Job well done!

    Thank you for your assistance and your part in helping us charter the perfect trip and memories of a lifetime!