Douce France - Alumarine 138

Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran, the largest schooner sailing Worldwide by Fyly Exclusive Yachts.  Luxury sailing through the Australian East Coast with the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Myanmar, Maldives, and Thailand.  Duoce France at full sail on charter
Douce France - Alumarine 138
from €95,000
42.20 (M)

    At 42.2 metres, Douce France is the largest schooner sailing catamaran in the world. She is equipped for charter worldwide, discovering the most beautiful locations whilst offering the highest standards of yachting. Guests appreciate her spaciousness and intimacy, her elegance and fine stance on the water. The aft deck is an exquisite sunbathing area and lends itself to cherish a perfect ocean sunset. Her trampolines offer room for guests to sprawl out on and feel the sea spray as she glides along. 

    A total of twelve guests may be accommodated in the six-air-conditioned staterooms, each of them attractively lined with pale sycamore wood. Each spacious room offers the option of either a queen double or twin single bed arrangement and also leaves sufficient room for a convertible desk or dressing table. Each stateroom has its own en-suite shower with a separate head compartment.

    Douce France has all the requirements for a perfect holiday in secluded locations with a high standard of service and a welcoming professional crew!

    Built: 1998 / Refit: 2009 and 2016

    Guests: 12 / Cabins: 6

    Crew: 7

    21' Zeplin semi-rigid w/ 150hp + Cholamark RIB 40 HP

    2 Laser Sailing Dingies 

    Windsurf equipment 

    4 Sea Kayaks 

    Water-skis (adults, slalom ski, ski’s for children & for acrobatics) 



    Single Donut 

    Snorkeling equipment  

    Fishing equipment 

    8 sets scuba diving equipment w/ diving instructor

    4 x suex water scooters

    3 x SUP's

    Pricing details


    Winter 2020/2021 High Rate: 105,000 EUR per week (Terms: + ALL)

    Winter 2020/2021 Low Rate: 95,000 EUR per week (Terms: + ALL)

    Summer 2021 High Rate: 105,000 EUR per week (Terms: + ALL)

    Summer 2021 Low Rate: 95,000 EUR per week (Terms: + ALL)

    Winter 2021/2022 High Rate: 105,000 EUR per week (Terms: + ALL)

    Winter 2021/2022 Low Rate: 95,000 EUR per week (Terms: + ALL)

    Summer 2022 High Rate: TBC

    Summer 2022 Low Rate: TBC

    Rate Details: 
    The high rate is applicable for ALL HOLIDAY PERIODS : Christmas, Easter, Carnaval, Springbreak,...

    DOUCE FRANCE is available for the AMERICA'S CUP events in New Zealand for family charters or corporate events:
    - 17-20 Dec 2020 --> America’s Cup World Series @ 105,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection
    - 20 Dec – 13 Jan 2021 --> Available for Christmas/New Year Charter (Family charter) @ 105,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA 
    - 15 Jan – 22 Feb 2021 --> The PRADA Cup @ 105,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection
    - 15 feb – 18 feb 2021 --> Millennium Cup Superyacht Regatta @ 105,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection
    - 24 Feb – 26 Feb 2021 --> Mastercard Superyacht Regatta @ 105,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection
    - 01 Mar – 04 Mar 2021 --> International Classics Regatta @ 105,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection
    - 06 Mar – 21 Mar 2021 --> THE AMERICA’S CUP 2021! @ 150,000 EUR/Week + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection

    VAT in NZ = 15% of charter fee
    APA during events = 30% of charter fee

    For charters less than 1 week: daily charter fee minimum 25,000 EUR/Day + VAT + APA + Security Deposit/Cleaning/Protection

    The APA fee is to cover expenses such as food, beverages, fuel, transfers, marinas (if any). The captain keeps detailed accounts and receipts which are available to see online during your cruise - at the end of the trip the accounts are settled and any amount left is refunded back to you or if you have exceeded your APA accounts are settled at the end of your charter.

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Tax Status: 
    Applicable in country of Embarkation

    Location details: 

    Summer 2020: French Polynesia/ Naw Caledonia/Fiji/ Solomon Islands/Great Barrier Reef, Australia (TBC)
    Winter 2020-2021: Auckland, New Zealand - available for events during AMERICA's CUP 2021

    17 – 20 December 2020 - America’s Cup World Series
    20 December – 13 January - Available for Christmas/New Year Charter

    15 January – 22 February - The PRADA Cup
    24 February – 26 February - Mastercard Superyacht Regatta
    28 February – 5 March - Mastercard J Class Regatta
    1 March – 4 March - International Classics Regatta
    6 March – 21 March - America’s Cup Presented By Prada 

    Draft (M)
    Number of guest cabins
    Beam (M)
    Length (M)
    Maximum speed
    12 knots
    Cruising speed
    11 knots
    Cabin types

    3 Double cabins, 3 Twin cabins - All cabins are convertible to double or twin bed cabins, all with ensuite bathrooms.
    Fuel consumption at cruising speed
    60 l/hr
    2 x CUMMINS 305 Hp each
    Crew Captain Jean-Christophe Lefèvre - Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran by Fyly Exclusive Yachts
    Jean-Christophe Lefèvre

    Nationality: French

    JC has been sailing since a young age and became already a captain on sailboats when he was 18 years old. His passion for the sea and his remarkable navigation skills, brought him to the rank of professional captain with unlimited restrictions. He managed to exercise this qualification on different type of vessels, such as cargo ships, passenger ships, tugboats and large sailing yachts. JC is a proud father of two handsome boys. When his boys were small he managed a hotel of 200 beds with a big hotel team under his supervision. He likes organising exclusive holidays for guests, welcoming them and looking after them during their stay. Being captain on DOUCE FRANCE is for him the perfect combination of his hotel management experience togetherwith his navigation skills and this in the most beautiful locations in the world! Jean-Christophe will be delighted to share these exceptional moments on DOUCE FRANCE with you. With his experience and his client-focussed character he will make every holiday on board of DOUCE FRANCE to the perfection. In his free time Jean-Christophe enjoys kite surfing and diving.

    Crew Chef Lola Vuillemenot - Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran by Fyly Exclusive Yachts
    Lola Vuillemenot

    Nationality: French

    Lola has a professional attitude, always willing to give her all for the best possible food she can create. Delicious flavours, beautiful colours and exactly the type of food you want to eat on your holiday. At the moment she’s particularly enjoying the traditional French cuisine, but is constantly evolving as her desire to learn new things pushes her to be versatile. Whilst traveling, one of her biggest ambitions is to learn about different cuisines, discover new flavours from all around the world and expand her knowledge to perfect her cooking techniques. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of learning new skills and perpetually improving them to achieve the highest of standards. Lola is friendly, motivated and organised both on and off the water. She has an outgoing personality, loves travelling and trying different food around the world. She loves meeting new people and learning about their culture. In her free time she likes lagoon activities as wel as stand up paddle boarding, swimming and yoga.

    Crew Chief Stewardess Marinella Bozic - Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran by Fyly Exclusive Yachts
    Marinella Bozic
    Chief Stewardess

    Nationality: Slovenian

    Marinella's Hospitality experience: Theatre hostess and waitress. / Yachting Experience : 
3 years on a 90ft modern classic sailing yacht, 1 month on a 112ft Baltic Yacht, Sailing around the world with my little 38ft sailing boat for 4 years.  She has cruised : Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific, Alaska, All Ocean crossings.  She has a Professional attitude, Top service with a sharp eye for details and is dedicated with an adventurous and open-minded flare.

    Crew First Officer Cyril Marquet - Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran by Fyly Exclusive Yachts
    Cyril Marquet
    First Officer

    Nationality: French

    Cyril started to sail in 2000 as a deckhand on a 25m catamaran in the West Indies. In 2003, I obtained my sailing vessel master certificate with which I worked until 2010 around the Caribbean Islands. In 2009, I joined the catamaran Levante as a captain to sail from Brazil to New Zealand and discovered the Pacific Islands in the following years. From 2012, I returned to the Mediterranean Sea and worked on passengers ships as captain for 4 years. Last few years I worked on ferries, motor yachts and sailing yachts as first mate. During my sailing career, I did over 10 Atlantic crossings so far.

    Crew Engineer Gregory Pannetier - Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran by Fyly Exclusive Yachts
    Gregory Pannetier

    Nationality: French

    Gregory started his career on a luxury French sailing cruise ship as bosun 9 years ago. He has been loving the yacht life ever since. Gregory is great at taking care of the guests and sharing his spontaneity and positive attitude with everybody. He is a passionate sailor who has tested the winds all over the world and enjoys eating the local foods during his travels. He’s a great professional to have on board and your security on board is one of his priorities. Being in charge of the deck, sails maintenance, water sports and fishing you will see Gregory all over the boat to assist you with anything.

    Crew Deckhand Damien Ritter r - Douce France - Alumarine 138 Catamaran by Fyly Exclusive Yachts
    Damien Ritter

    Nationality: French

    Damien has been practicing sailing since I was a child, but I began to sail intensively as a skipper 2 years ago on my own 39ft sailboat. I started with day trips along the French Riviera during the summer season. At the same time, I worked on the French Riviera shipyard to gain more experience in the technical aspects. Finally, I decided to focus on yachting, and I started on Douce France as a deckhand.

    Wonderful Experience!

    "As repeat charter guests we are a big fan of DOUCE FRANCE. We experienced her at her best and were impressed by the good crew and the diving in this beautiful location. We saw a lot of sharks and even a hammerhead shark of 4m30 in Fakarava. Well done crew and dive master for giving us this wonderful experience! we will be back next year in Tonga!"