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Comprehensive guide for yachting vacations in Italy - Find out when to go, what to see, photos, itineraries, climate & events.

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Why choose Italy for your summer vacation?

Charter a luxury crewed yacht in Italy - the land of romance, luxury, fine wine, fabulous foods, and enjoying every minute of the slow life. When you combine this with a luxury yacht charter, you experience a new level of sophistication and relaxation. The beautiful Mediterranean waters and warm sun will melt your cares away. Relax, breathe, and enjoy life.

FYLY Exclusive Yachts will bring your charter dreams to life. Whether you are interested in a gorgeous motor yacht cruising Venice and the Adriatic Sea or a catamaran charter along the coast of Sicily, we can guide you in finding the ideal yacht for your group with an incredible itinerary.

Italy is teeming with exceptional sailing venues - your passions equal your ideal charter location. Whether you sail along the northern Italian Riviera; cruise around Sardinia (Sardegna); explore the coast near Livorno and the Archipelago Toscano with Isola d’Elba; experience Naples, sail the gorgeous Aeolian Islands, or visit beautiful Sicily- the perfect holiday awaits.

The Italian Riviera, Ligurian Riviera, is located in Liguria and it is easy to arrive into Genoa to begin a wonderful motor yacht or catamaran crewed charter. Destinations abound along this northern coast of Italy- fabulous towns such as Imperia, Finale Ligure, and Pietra Ligure- where you can visit the incredible Grotto di Borgio Verezzi.

Sardegna, or Sardinia, beckons to be explored. Ports and towns such as Alghero and Porto Cervo with great restaurants make for the ideal day. Experience the natural beauty of the Capo Caccia Vertical Cliffs and the Asinara National Park.

The Maddalena Archipelago, off the northern coast of Sardinia, is positively stunning with deep blue waters and perfect sun. There is the main island of La Maddalena and several more including Caprera, and Santo Stephano- which is also part of the Maddalena National Park- all are gorgeous.

Travel southeast along the coast from Genoa and you find the beautiful port town of La Spezzia and the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre- these are colourful and positively stunning five towns on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. Walk the trail or take the train to explore the towns of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Enjoy a night in the marina of Porto Venere and then cruise to the islands of Palmaria and Tino.

From the gorgeous coast of Cinque Terre, sail south to enjoy the Archipelago Toscano. The island of Elba, Isola d’Elba, is situated between the coast of Italy and the French island of Corsica. Cruising on a fast motor yacht can have you experiencing so many ports and beautiful islands!

Sailing from Naples, visit the ruins of Pompeii, the bustling coastal town of Sorrento, and take in the breath-taking Amalfi coast. The lovely towns of Amalfi, Positano, and Atrani are what you have dreamed. Enjoy a sail and head to the islands of Ischia, Capri, and Prosida- making certain to visit the Vivara Island State Nature Reserve.

Off the coast from Naples and north of Sicily are the beautiful Pontine Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The desire for the slow cruising life and exploring new destinations will draw you to these lesser known island gems. The Pontine Island group of Ponza, Palmarola, Gavi, Zannone, Santo Stefano, and Ventotene are incredible. Anchor in quiet coves and pop out of your cabin in the morning to take in the stunning beauty of nature.

Cruise Sicily, this gorgeous island is bursting with culture, history, life, food, and fabulous wines. The historically rich Palermo, Trapani, Messina, and Marsala… plus an infinite number of tiny towns dotting the coast. On the southern coast, spend the day at Scala dei Turchi, the Turkish Steps, a stunning natural site to behold.

Or, combine the northern coast of Sicily with a sail to the UNESCO Aeolian islands. Watch in awe as Mt Stromboli erupts! Cruise the Aeolian Islands of Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano, Panarea, Basilluzzo, Alicudi, Filicudi, and Salina. Your luxury charter allows for an experience like no other. Come out of your cabin and straight into the beautiful water- this is truly the life! For those looking for a different Italian adventure, this is the ideal travel plan and sailing itinerary.

On the Adriatic side of Italy, Venice is a popular holiday destination! With changes being made to protect this historical city, a yacht charter is the ideal way to experience the beauty. From Venice, the calm, protected waters will lull you into relaxation.

Whether you enjoy the northern destinations of Liguria and the Italian Riviera, Sardinia, and Cinque Terre or head south and revel in the beauty of the Pontine Islands, the Amalfi Coast, the Aeolian Islands, and Sicily- your holiday will give you everlasting memories. All of these gorgeous destinations are better from a luxury crewed yacht charter- either an elegant motor yacht, sailing catamaran, or a motor sailer.

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Tips & FAQs

Italy is love, life, and everything you seek in an escape combined with stunning vistas, historical sites, and exceptional experiences. Come to Italy for a holiday and fall in love with life again!

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See & Do

What can you see & do on your summer vacations in Italy?


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Eat & Drink

What can you eat & drink on your summer vacations in Italy?


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See our recommended itineraries for Italy or let us plan one for you


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What are the best times to travel to Italy?

The best time to visit the main Italian cities is the spring: from mid-April to late May, temperatures are pleasant, the days are quite long, the sun often shines and nature is in bloom, though sometimes it can rain. Another good period is the first half of September. Between mid-September and mid-October, the temperatures are pleasantly warm, but it can rain, especially in the north and center of the country. November is typically a rainy month throughout Italy, even though the sun still shines quite often in the south. In early spring, from March to mid-April, the weather can be sunny and mild, but also cold and wet: it's a fairly unstable period.
Summer, from June to August, is often sunny, but it can be very hot, especially in July and August. However, visitors flock to cities like Rome and Florence even in this period. In any case, it is better to warn those who don't like the heat.
Summer is a good period to visit the Alpine area and to go hiking in the mountains.
In February and the first half of March, there is almost always enough snow for a ski holiday, and the days are longer than in December.
July and August are the best months for a beach holiday in northern and central Italy, and also September in the south. In June, the weather is often nice and the days are the longest of the year, but as mentioned, the sea can still be a bit cool.

What to pack on your Yachting Vacations in Italy?

In summer in the north, Milan and Venice: bring light clothing, a T-shirt, a sweatshirt or sweater, a light jacket, and a raincoat or umbrella. In the center, in Florence and Rome: bring light clothing, a sun hat, a sweatshirt for cool evenings especially in June, and possibly an umbrella. In the south, light clothing, a sun hat, a sweatshirt for the evening especially in June.
In the mountains, bring a sweater, a jacket, hiking shoes, a raincoat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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55 Fiftyfive | Cerri 102 FlyingSport
from €80,000
31.10 (M)
Above | Sunreef 80
from €63,000
23.87 (M)
Adea - Sunreef 62
from €19,700
18.30 (M)
Alissa - Bodrum Shipyard 75
from €9,500
22.86 (M)
Allegro - CNB76
from €20,000
23.17 (M)
Anything Goes IV - Riva 92
from €43,000
28.23 (M)
Arwen - Aicon 72SL
from €21,000
22.45 (M)
Blue Ice - Uniesse 72
from €21,000
22.44 (M)
Chantella - Chantier Naval d'Antibes 91
from €31,000
28.00 (M)
Crocodile Daddy - Lagoon 620
from $23,000
18.90 (M)
Din IV / Aleali - Princess 73
from €16,000
22.50 (M)
Don Michele - C. Boat 90
from €32,000
27.30 (M)
E Supercat - Sunreef 60 Eco
from €37,000
18.30 (M)
Earlybird - Lagoon Seventy7
from €41,000
23.84 (M)
Eclipse - Azimut 62S
from €15,500
21.07 (M)
Enjoy - Marco Polo 78
from €30,000
24.00 (M)
Ethna - Feretti 97
from €55,000
30.00 (M)
Eva Kant - Riva 70
from €16,500
21.30 (M)
F12 - Canados 86
from €39,000
27.70 (M)
FARANDWIDE - Southern Wind 100’DS
from €46,000
30.20 (M)
Forever - Aicon 72
from €18,500
22.00 (M)
Hutiane - Cuneo Marine 102
from €66,000
31.00 (M)
IPHARRA - Sunreef 102
from €55,000
31.09 (M)
JaJaRò - Tecnomar Velvet 100'
from €49,000
31.00 (M)
Jauni - Amer 85
from €22,000
26.20 (M)
Lady 8 - CNB 95
from €39,000
29.00 (M)
Latife Sultan - Marmaris Shipyard 78
from €10,500
23.77 (M)
Lir | Victoria 67
from €27,500
20.40 (M)
LUCKY - Sanlorenzo SL78
from €46,000
24.64 (M)
Maite - Ferretti 72
from €13,500
22.00 (M)
MINE - Aicon 62SL
from €18,000
20.11 (M)