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Comprehensive guide for yachting vacations in French Polynesia - Find out when to go, what to see, photos, itineraries, climate & events.

Travel Guide

Charter a luxury crewed yacht in French Polynesia, is stunningly beautiful territory with an exotic flare and relaxing feel. Encompassing many different island chains, exploration abounds as does the diversity found throughout the islands. From beautiful lush green mountain peaks to atolls that ring clear blue waters… there is so much wonder to be behold.

Dreams and reality blend in the incredible underwater world that is teeming with gorgeous schools of fish and wildlife. Discover, learn, and gain a new respect for natures wonderful gifts. Enjoy your days snorkelling or diving to fully realize life in this unimaginable world- allow your stress to drift away- allow yourself to be transformed.

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See & Do

What can you see & do on your summer vacations in French Polynesia?


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Eat & Drink

What can you eat & drink on your summer vacations in French Polynesia?


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See our recommended itineraries for French Polynesia or let us plan one for you


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What are the best times to travel to French Polynesia?

The best time to visit the Society Islands (Tahiti, Bora-Bora) and the Tuamotu Islands runs from June to September, while the best time on the Marquesas Islands runs from August to November.
In contrast, it's hard to find an advisable season for the Austral Islands, in fact, the summer is hot and muggy, with heavy rains and thunderstorms as well as some risk of tropical cyclones, while the winter at this latitude is a bit cool, and even rainy and windy on the southernmost islands.

What to pack on your Yachting Vacations in French Polynesia?

For the Marquesas, the Society and the Tuamotu Islands, all year round, bring tropics-friendly, loose-fitting clothing, a sun hat, a scarf for the breeze, a light sweatshirt for the evening, and a light raincoat or umbrella. When going to the reef, you can bring snorkeling equipment, including water shoes or rubber-soled shoes.

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Babac - Lagoon 77
from €52,000
23.28 (M)
Dardanella - Vitters 122
from $100,000
37.00 (M)
Douce France - Alumarine 138
from €95,000
42.20 (M)
Miss Kulani - Marlow Explorer 75
from $45,000
22.86 (M)
Orion - Sunreef 74
from $50,000
22.56 (M)
Relentless - Kingship Marine 110
from $95,000
33.53 (M)
Rua Moana - Pachoud Yachts 87
from $110,000
26.80 (M)
Sea Breeze III - Millkraft Boatyard Pty 100
from $43,000
30.52 (M)
The Beast - Profab Enfineering 128
from $185,000
39.20 (M)