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Comprehensive guide for yachting vacations in France - Find out when to go, what to see, photos, itineraries, climate & events.

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Why France is recommended for chartering a luxury yacht?

Charter a luxury crewed yacht in France and enjoy culture, beauty, and a love of the good life all wrapped together. There is rich history in every region of this diverse country. With so much to experience- from the fabulous French vineyards, to museums, beautiful galleries, and exceptional restaurants… a holiday in France will be forever cherished.

While many are familiar with travels in France, specifically Paris, a luxury yacht charter will open up all new destinations and experiences. Visit the stunning French Riviera, known in France as the Cote d’Azur, on the Mediterranean. Cruise the gorgeous coastline and stop in at the beautiful and famous ports of St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, and the medieval town of Antibes. Sail to your favorite places or arrive somewhere totally new to explore!

FYLY Exclusive Yachts will work with you to select the perfect yacht. Whether you are looking for a superyacht or a sailing catamaran, you will discover the ease of booking and the services we offer make the process easy. We will look for the best price for your summer yachting holiday with an itinerary that perfectly suits your passions.

With access to an incredible fleet of superyachts, sailing yachts, and catamarans, plus first hand experience in the area, we are ready with ideas to help plan your summer so that you experience the most of France. Knowing the region helps in deciding on an itinerary. Whether you would like to cruise to Monaco and take in local events or enjoy Cannes and one of the many festivals they host- the French Riviera is an exciting charter destination.

Marseille is an interesting port city and certainly worth a visit! There are many festivals in this hip coastal city… spend some time and take in the scene. From here, it is close to the gorgeous Parc National des Calanques. With stunning coves and hiking trails- this is an incredible area to visit and explore.

Further east, the port towns of Toulon and Hyeres are surrounded by several national parks on both the mainland and islands just off the coast. Hike along the Giens peninsula for a day and enjoy the clear coastal waters. On your crewed yacht, enjoy a sail out to the islands of Porquerolles or the National Park Island of Port-Cros. Your crew can help with bike rentals- these little islands are perfect for a day biking and checking out the vineyards and nature. Or, spend the day hiking along the trails and snorkeling from one of the lovely beaches.

Menton is a gem close to the Italian border known for wonderful citrus fruits. Enjoy a stroll along the harbor or visit the beautiful Basilica of Saint-Michel-Archange. Situated at the base of the Alpes-Maritimes mountains, this delightful coastal frontier town will capture your heart.

Private events in Monaco around the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco are the hip scene. Exceptional services abound, this is the place to see and be seen. Rental of the various grandstand seats and terraces are at a premium for this posh event. On certain superyachts, you can have front row seats from the comfort of the deck. Enjoy the festival and party!

Corsica is an incredible charter destination with its gorgeous, green mountainous scenery. History and culture are beckoning for you to visit. Sail to the well-known port of Ajaccio or head south to Bonifacio but certainly stop into the beautiful area of Monacia-d'Aullène along the way for sun and relaxation.

Close to Corsica is the Italian island of Sardinia (Sardegna) with its stunningly blue waters. With a crewed charter, depending on your itinerary, head to this delightful spot and discover the beaches and take in a bit of the Italian lifestyle. The lovely harbor of Porto Cervo is so close and perfect to then sail the Maddalena Islands where beautiful beaches and gorgeous waters await. Find that private spot and relax in the sun- yachting is the ideal escape!

On a French yacht charter, dine at fabulous restaurants and enjoy exceptional French wines from regions such as the Cotes du Rhone, Languedoc, Provence, and the Loire valley. Whether you’re onboard your yacht or exploring the local towns, the French cuisine always entices your palate and enriches your life- perfectly paired with a fabulous wine! There are countless ways to spend your cruising days- if you can dream it, in France you will live it.

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With the sun and gorgeous blue Mediterranean waters, life along the French Riviera will give you the perfect balance of relaxation, romance, and life. Come enjoy a crewed yacht charter in France and live your best life in luxury and style.

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See & Do

What can you see & do on your summer vacations in France?


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Eat & Drink

What can you eat & drink on your summer vacations in France?


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See our recommended itineraries for France or let us plan one for you


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What are the best times to travel to France?

In the Mediterranean regions, the best times are spring and autumn, especially the months of May and June and the first half of September (in the second half, the temperature is still pleasant, but the rains may become abundant, even with the risk of floods). In mid-summer (July-August), however, the heat is usually bearable because of the sea breezes, at least along the coasts.

If you want to go on a beach holiday, the Mediterranean Sea (where the best months are July and August) is preferable to the Atlantic Ocean (especially the northern part, which is cooler) because both sea and air temperatures are higher, and sunshine is more frequent as well. On the Atlantic, however, the west coast is definitely preferable to the north coast, especially from La Rochelle to the south.

The best time for swimming and sun bathing on the French Riviera is the summer, from mid-June to August. If you plan to visit cities, you may want to avoid the hottest months, so you can choose the months of May, June and the first half of September, bearing in mind that sometimes it can rain, when depressions affect the area, or in the form of afternoon thunderstorm.

What to pack on your Yachting Vacations in France?

In summer in Brittany and Normandy, bring clothes for spring and autumn, a T-shirt for warm days, but also a jacket, a raincoat or umbrella.
In the rest of the country, light clothing, but also long pants, a jacket and a sweater for the evening and cooler days; a raincoat or umbrella.
In the mountains, hiking shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses. A jacket for the evening.

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55 Fiftyfive | Cerri 102 FlyingSport
from €80,000
31.10 (M)
Above | Sunreef 80
from €63,000
23.87 (M)
Adea - Sunreef 62
from €19,700
18.30 (M)
Allegro - CNB76
from €20,000
23.17 (M)
Amazon Creek - CNB77
from $30,000
23.00 (M)
Anything Goes IV - Riva 92
from €43,000
28.23 (M)
Chantella - Chantier Naval d'Antibes 91
from €31,000
28.00 (M)
Clara One - Chantier Naval de l'Esterel 105
from €38,000
32.00 (M)
Crocodile Daddy - Lagoon 620
from $23,000
18.90 (M)
Diams - Astondoa 70'
from €28,500
21.22 (M)
Don Michele - C. Boat 90
from €32,000
27.30 (M)
Earlybird - Lagoon Seventy7
from €41,000
23.84 (M)
Ethna - Feretti 97
from €55,000
30.00 (M)
Eva Kant - Riva 70
from €16,500
21.30 (M)
Forever - Aicon 72
from €18,500
22.00 (M)
Hutiane - Cuneo Marine 102
from €66,000
31.00 (M)
IPHARRA - Sunreef 102
from €55,000
31.09 (M)
JaJaRò - Tecnomar Velvet 100'
from €49,000
31.00 (M)
Lady 8 - CNB 95
from €39,000
29.00 (M)
Lady M - Lagoon 620
from €28,750
18.90 (M)
LUCKY - Sanlorenzo SL78
from €46,000
24.64 (M)
Luisamay - Falcon 103
from €40,000
31.50 (M)
Maite - Ferretti 72
from €13,500
22.00 (M)
My Way - Ginton Holland VZ 76
from €20,000
23.20 (M)
Octovia - Sunseeker 82
from €36,000
25.00 (M)
Otoctone 80 - Sunreef 80 Power
from €59,000
23.80 (M)
Popotine - Terranova Yachts 85
from €25,000
25.90 (M)
R - Riva 67
from €34,000
20.55 (M)
Silver Star - Turkish Shipyard
from €14,000
26.70 (M)
Skylark - Sunreef 70 Power
from €35,000
21.34 (M)
Superfun - Cantieri Rossato 132
from €72,000
40.27 (M)