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Comprehensive guide for yachting vacations in East Coast Australia - Find out when to go, what to see, photos, itineraries, climate & events.

Travel Guide

Charter a luxury crewed yacht in East Coast Australia, head Down Under for an unforgettable holiday that is full of sun, fun, and serious adventure, all in a relaxed, laid-back, and friendly scene.  

Charter a yacht in Australia and enjoy a vacation of sailing and exploring the East Coast of this remarkable country and sojourn on the coastal islands. Experience Australia’s stunning natural beauty and welcoming hospitality. You will be allured by the turquoise waters, the Great Barrier Reef, and long stretches of white or golden sand beaches.

The Great Barrier reef, one of the Great Wonders of the World, is an underwater paradise. Snorkel, dive, and learn the treasures that the sea holds. Brimming with schools of fish, rays, and gorgeous corals, the abundance of sea life along this incredible reef will amaze you.

With FYLY Exclusive Yachts, our experienced yacht brokers will guide you through the planning of your charter. We will help with selecting between the options of beautiful Gulf Craft motor yachts, LomOCEAN power catamarans, or Sunreef sailing catamarans that perfectly suit your group- a large charter fleet is available for an unforgettable holiday.

Throughout the planning of your charter vacation, your yacht broker will discuss with you the options for the itinerary and give you information about the yacht and crew. We will help guide you through the entire booking process to ensure your charter vacation is perfectly planned for your group.

Let your travels begin on land when you fly to Sydney, Australia- spend a few days adjusting to the time and exploring this vibrant city! Then, head off to the yacht, meet your crew, and start sailing.

When you charter a yacht in Australia, it opens a world of wonder and excitement! From Sydney Harbour to the Whitsunday Islands, sailing is a passion here in the gorgeous Indian Ocean. Your professional yacht crew will guide you with suggestions and plans to create the most memorable yacht charter holiday.

Enjoy a day on Airlie Beach and gaze out at quite a charter fleet that comes to sail these stunning waters. Stroll through the town and visit the lovely galleries and shops. Take in the lifestyle at Airlie Beach at the fabulous local restaurants and hip bars that are dotted about this fun destination.

The Whitsunday Islands are a must- located between Bowen and Proserpine in Queensland. Venture through the Whitsunday Islands on a gorgeous catamaran and take in the stunning, unspoiled, raw beauty of nature. Relax on Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island and dig your toes in the pure white sands that stretch for 9 kilometres between the lush tropical rainforests and crystal waters.

Hamilton Island is a gem- near to the Great Barrier Reef- this lovely destination with gorgeous white sand beaches and coral reefs will steal your heart. Teeming with marine life, this island is an ideal destination on your journey.

The perfect holiday awaits aboard a gorgeous Gulf Craft, a Bakewell - White Yacht Design, or a LomOCEAN. Australia offers incredible itineraries to whisk you away to experience this unbelievable natural wonderland.

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Tips & FAQs

Cruise the coast and out to the Great Barrier Reef and reconnect with life and nature. Australia is the ideal yacht charter destination- it is a must visit and sail on your dream vacation list!

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📌Explore more Yacht Charter Destinations in South Pacific like Fiji, New Zealand and French Polynesia.

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See & Do

What can you see & do on your summer vacations in East Coast Australia?


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Eat & Drink

What can you eat & drink on your summer vacations in East Coast Australia?


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See our recommended itineraries for East Coast Australia or let us plan one for you


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What are the best times to travel to East Coast Australia?

The best period to visit is the summer, from December to February, since it is the warmest season, in addition, the days are longer and the rains are less frequent, which is an advantage especially in inland and mountainous areas. It is true that you may sometimes experience very hot weather, which is felt more at low altitude, but in these cases, the heat is quite bearable because of wind and low humidity.
Considering that it can be a bit cold at night even in the height of summer, and lows can drop below 10 °C (50 °F) even on the coasts, it's better to bring a light jacket and a sweater also in this period, and a heavier jacket if you plan to visit the inland and mountainous areas, where the wind blows more easily during the day and the temperature can drop to around freezing at night. In addition, a raincoat may be helpful for the rain showers.

What to pack on your Yachting Vacations in East Coast Australia?

Summer (December to February) in the tropical north and Darwin, and in the north-east down to Brisbane, bring lightweight clothing of natural fibers, a scarf for the breeze, a light sweatshirt for the evening and for air-conditioned places, and a light raincoat for thunderstorms. When going to the reef, you can bring snorkeling equipment, including water shoes or rubber-soled shoes. For the desert, bring lightweight, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabric (cotton or linen), a desert turban, sunglasses, a light sweatshirt for the evening, a sweatshirt for the night, a sleeping bag for outdoor overnight stays, and desert boots. In the center-south and the major cities, pack light clothing, a sweatshirt for the breeze and for cool days, a scarf for the wind-borne sand and dust, possibly a light jacket and an umbrella, especially in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. For Tasmania, spring/autumn clothes, a sweater, and a jacket.

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