Kerstin Weidner

Kerstin Weidner
Kerstin Weidner
The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

Luxury Charter Broker

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Kerstin was born in 1978 and grew up in a small town in the East part of Germany. She followed her dream to become a marine biologist by studying geo-ecology and later specialized in marine ecology with her Master’s thesis. During her studies, she was able to travel extensively and study abroad in countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, and Portugal. While traveling, she focused on learning different languages and adapting herself to any kind of environment!

In 2004, she participated as a volunteer on a research journey about whales and dolphins from Greece to the Cape Verde islands. It was here that she found a new passion! The freedom of sailing and travelling opened up a different way of life. Since then, she worked and sailed as crew for over 5 years extensively in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and along the Pacific coast of Central America. Her love for people, sailing, and science allowed her to be a vital part of the crew- always helpful, accommodating, adaptable, and responsible.

Her yachting career moved ashore in 2010 when she settled in Greece to start a family. Joining the yachting industry as broker and charter agent seemed the perfect fit. Her many experiences bring together a wealth of knowledge of sailing and travels to best help guests.

She is a happy and social person and can chat with you in 5 different languages. At FYLY Exclusive, she continues her coordination of luxury charters worldwide… always in search of happy places for happy charter guests!

Languages: German, English, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese