Elpida Tomazou

Elpida Tomazou
Elpida Tomazou
There is always a way ... to make your dreams come true!

Charter and Travel Consultant

Elpida, a Greek South African, has returned to her Greek heritage after many years living in South Africa. She has great passion for travel, creativity arts & crafts, cooking, puzzle solving, photography, and computers.

On arriving in Greece, a career in tourism made perfect sense. With her extensive administrative background, Elpida has excelled in creating unique journeys throughout Greece. She loves to share her passion for her homeland by tailoring authentic packages for the discerning traveller based on her intimate knowledge of the Greek culture, heritage, history, and the sensational beauty that only the Greek Islands can offer.

Elpida is adaptive, self-reliant, and always ready to go to great lengths for service that exceeds expectations. Her determination and perseverance in the travel industry have brought her into the world of yachting. Elpida is our dedicated team consultant and is looking forward to assisting you with your yacht charter logistics. Her enthusiasm and optimism will ensure your yachting journey will be dinner party conversation for years to come!

Languages: English and Greek