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Explore all the wonders the world has to offer on your own private yacht and experience luxury at its finest. Sail beautiful waters and take in new scenery as you relax and cruise exotic locations.

Swim, laugh, dine, and play in exclusive locales with family or your close friends. Live your very best life and sail away on a luxury yacht charter.

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Sail away to exciting destinations! Whether you are interested in relaxing in the sun and swimming beautiful warm waters or taking a more adventurous route, our charter locations worldwide will tempt all those looking for a perfect holiday.

We love finding the ideal charter for your family or group. Gorgeous places await you to find your inner peace and enjoy the finest holiday imaginable. Experience the life you have dreamed!

Luxury Yacht Charter Activities

yoga on board luxury crewed yachts

Relax and enjoy the sun on your face as you practice asanas on a quiet yoga charter. A sailing charter is the ideal environment to bring light and joy to your meditation and help to calm your mind. The gentle, warm waters will rejuvenate your soul and allow you to find your ultimate peace. Take the plunge into the yachting world and sail away on your next yoga wellness retreat… Namaste.

scuba diving snorkeling on crewed yacht charter vacations

Explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, the Belize Barrier Reef (the second largest barrier reef in the world), the pristine waters of the South Pacific, or head to the Caribbean. If you can dream the diving adventure, we can make your plans a reality. What better way to access remote locales and stunning underwater worlds. Explore, live, and immerse self into the natural beauty of sea.

celebrate your birthday anniversary on board luxury crewed yachts

Live well and celebrate all of life’s most special moments with family and friends on a beautiful luxury yacht charter. This is the perfect way to make special occasions even more extraordinary. Be together and experience the best of life while relaxing and exploring unique and exciting destinations. Celebrate in style- celebrate on your own private luxury yacht!

travel to historical sites with luxury crewed yachts

The world is full of wonder just waiting to be explored! A luxury yacht offers the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure while on your travels. Access incredible archaeological and historical sites- immerse yourself and breathe in the beauty. Take a journey and indulge in life, learn the history of the regions you visit, explore ancient ruins, and catch a glimpse of another time. Learn, explore, and experience a remarkable world!